Friday, November 7, 2008

SIAE shamelessly asks for a tax on ADSL

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SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Editors) has requested a law to obtain a tax as a percentage (similar to that already paid by users with the acquisition of a blank cd/dvd or an mp3 player) to be paid directly to the Siae on behalf of all providers that supply a subscription to a fast ADSL line.

In practice it's as if anyone who has an ADSL line, or is about to get one, becomes "accused" of damaging copyright. Siae also believes that using ADSL connections to download protected works is profoundly unjust and that from this commercial activity the providers gain enormous economic advantages; by not paying compensation, a part of their revenue to the authors for the evaded rights.

There has been a rise in shields (i.e. opponents, etc (I think)) of various arguments against this proposal. Altroconsumo, Adiconsum, Assoprovider, Aiip, Assodigitale, Iab, Confindustria servizi innovativi (employer's association), the institute for innovative politics and others have sent a letter to the government regarding the tax.

The providers defend the founding principles of the internet from various attacks these days. They have in fact just given a request to the re-examination court of Milan to annul a measure (by the judge for preliminary inquiries) that obliges them to obscure/block two overseas sites about the acquisition of cigarettes.

Personally while being obviously against piracy, I believe that this proposal is absolutely more absurd than the tax already present on CDs and mp3 players, and for exactly this reason, I fear that it could be approved. Well then lets do a beautiful thing; pay 5-10 euros more a month, and let the users download what they want, in this way SIAE & company recuperate truck-load of money from all ADSL users who can however at will download without fear of retaliation, what they want. So as presented, SIAE's move will know how to paraculata.
Anyone have any idea what paraculata means?

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